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Dalmatian Dog

Course Descriptions

Group Obedience

Our Group OB classes are designed for anyone! Focus of this class can be anything the attendees need it to be. The main focus is to establish a great foundation of OB, proper socialization and leash skills.

Scent Work

We offer Intro through Advanced courses for Sport Scent work. These classes teach your pup how to properly use their nose to search for, locate and alert you to a target odor.

Therapy Dog Certification Course

This is an intensive program, designed to prepare your dog for situations and environments in which they may go for therapy work. Everything from schools, hospitals, long term care facilities, courtrooms etc. This program is for select dogs that are prepared for the advanced work.


AKC Canine Good Citizen

AKC Classes are very specific in their focus. The puppy and CGC classes are basic courses to begin your journey to AKC certificates! You will learn 10-12 basic skills that will help you and your pup be successful in public settings. Testing for the certificate is included in these classes!


Rally is a super fun way to hone your obedience skills while establishing a closer relationship and bond with your pup! Rally is all about teamwork. You move through a course with signs where the pup performs different exercises. The courses are designed by the Rally judge/trainer (10-20 signs per course, depending on the class level) that include various turns and commands such as sit, down, stay, etc.


Agility is a fun, quick paced sport, where you and your dog work as a team to navigate a course of obstacles! Although this is a physical sport, all are welcome and you can work at your own pace! We offer Intro through Competition options!

  • Intro to Agility - is our entry class. This focuses on introduction to the obstacles, and gaining confidence to begin your pups foundation into the sport.

  • Agility Fundamentals - is after our Intro class. This class focuses on expanding your knowledge as a handler, beginning  off-leash course work and perfecting techniques!

  • Intermediate Agility - In this course you will begin more advanced course work and begin learning to read course maps.

AKC Community Canine


These classes are the ADVANCED classes for the AKC Certificate courses! Each course focuses on a 10 skill curriculum, however these classes take place in more populated and public settings. You are required to have passed the basic CGC class to enroll in this course.

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